Saturday, 23 February 2019

Again with the Transfers

Hello All,

now I really am going to get myself into gear.

I have had a few Transfers sent out to a couple of testers and just awaiting their feedback, but I could do with another volunteer or 2..

I have plenty of ideas, but the real bummer is sizing, I have some French Napoleonic Hussar Sabretaches, and Shako designs.

Would love someone to give me some sizes to try out.
The only problem I currently have is that I cannot print white either on it's own, or if it is not within another colour. For this I will need to buy a printer that has no black but a White toner cartridge instead.

White within an image is fine as I would use white background Laser transfer paper.

I'm trying to see if there is enough interest, and ideas out there to warrant me spending the £400 to get such a printer..
 Please put your thinking caps on and either email me or post on here..

Stuart (Maverick Models)

LEAVES on the Line

Hello to all,

sincere apologies for my lack of posting on here, that is going to change.

This is just to announce that I have added a new range in my scenery section.
I can now create leaves to add that extra dimension to both figures and scenery.

Check out my scenery section for more information and images.

Stuart (Maverick Models)