Saturday, 23 February 2019

Again with the Transfers

Hello All,

now I really am going to get myself into gear.

I have had a few Transfers sent out to a couple of testers and just awaiting their feedback, but I could do with another volunteer or 2..

I have plenty of ideas, but the real bummer is sizing, I have some French Napoleonic Hussar Sabretaches, and Shako designs.

Would love someone to give me some sizes to try out.
The only problem I currently have is that I cannot print white either on it's own, or if it is not within another colour. For this I will need to buy a printer that has no black but a White toner cartridge instead.

White within an image is fine as I would use white background Laser transfer paper.

I'm trying to see if there is enough interest, and ideas out there to warrant me spending the £400 to get such a printer..
 Please put your thinking caps on and either email me or post on here..

Stuart (Maverick Models)

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  1. Just a quick update.. I have had some great feedback from some helpful people who have used some Decals I have created, and I am finally going to splash out on a printer.
    The only problem I am having is the sheer volume of ideas people have given me and I am having..
    I have old gauges, metal signs, WWII road names and aircraft decals, the list is endless..
    Shortly ill be adding a large section to my website for these Decals..
    Stuart (Maverick Models)